Service Level Agreement

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General Information
Our dedicated telephone support lines are available during UK and USA working hours. Outside of these times, there is a dedicated answering service for you to leave a message to be dealt with the following working day.

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm UK Time
+44 (0)1595 698905
Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm USA Central
+1 (713) 339–2678

Assisting Diagnosis
To ensure fast and accurate resolution of support requests, we recommend that you provide the following information when contacting the Kildrummy Helpdesk:
  • Client version number - This can be found in the About menu within the Help toolbar. Note this an your email or provide a screenshot.
  • System error - Please provide all relevant screen captures and descriptions of steps leading to the error. Any other information is appreciated.
To capture a screenshot, press alt & print screen together and paste the result into an MSPaint or Word. Repeat this process for each screenshot.
Support Priorities
When there are several live support issues, assistance will be provided in order of priority. Where priorities are equal the oldest will receive assistance first. Circumstances of issues will also affect priority.
Issue Priority Definition Example
Critical The issue causes fundamental functionality to become inaccessible or incorrect. There is no satisfactory workaround. It is not possible to login to the
CostMANAGER client or use a major system component such as reports or input screens.
Normal The issue causes functionality to be inaccessible or to perform incorrectly. There is no satisfactory workaround. It is not possible to access or create new objects such as filters or functions without error.
Minor The issue causes functionality to be inaccessible or incorrect but user’s tasks are not significantly impaired. It is not possible to change a report

Response and Resolution Times

Issue Priority Aspirational Response Time Aspirational Resolution Time
Critical 4 hours or less Same or next business day
Normal Same business day Same day of within one business week
Minor Next business day Same or next business week

Resolutions and Workarounds

Where a solution cannot be given immediately, a workaround will be provided. Workarounds are temporary solutions given to expedite a support issue. A full solution is then provided as soon as possible.

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