Conditional Filtering - Part 3: Function Constraints


In Part 1 and Part 2, we saw how conditional filters can be created to include or exclude records based on project and budget item values. Part 3 concludes the series of articles which explain how a project cost manager or cost engineer can specify a filter in Kildrummy® CostMANAGER (KCM), by demonstrating how to build a filter based on function result values.

Creating a Function Constraint Filter

Let’s say we wish to create a filter that displays only budget items with a CPI of 1.1 or greater. First we select the Function Constraints tab, where we see a box containing a list of available functions and a box containing the functions used in the current filter. We select “CPI” in the available functions box, then click the arrow button to move it into the used items box. Now we select “Apply Minimum Only” from the radio group, and enter “1.1″ into the Minimum edit box. The CPI is a ratio rather than a currency value, so we set the Currency Conversion control to “None”.

Now let’s refine our filter so that we display only budget items with a CPI of 1.1 or greater and a Total Control Budget between $10,000 and $50,000. We select “Total Control Budget” in the available items box and click the arrow button to move it into the used items box. Ensure that “Total Control Budget” has been selected (to avoid editing the CPI parameters by mistake) and select “Apply Both Min and Max” from the radio group. Enter “10000″ into the Minimum edit box and “50000″ into the Maximum edit box.

“Total Control Budget” is a function that creates a currency value, so we need to select a currency type from the currency drop-down box.  In our case, we should select “USD – United States Dollars”. Some of our calculated function values may not be in US Dollars, so we will need to convert them in order to compare their values to our minimum and maximum values. We will select the Global currency conversion method from the Currency Conversion radio group. For a full description of currency conversion methods in KCM, please refer to the KCM User Guide.


In a very short time, we have created a filter which will display only budget items which

  • have a CPI of 1.1 or greater
  • have a Total Control Budget of between $10,000 and $50,000

In this three part series of posts, I have given a brief overview of how to create filters which use project, budget item, and function constraints. Don’t forget that filters can be created which use any or all of these features at the same time: a single filter could combine project, budget item and/or function constraints.

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